Aim Drug Mart is located in London and is proud to service the greater London area. We are a full service independent pharmacy and take pride in serving and supporting the local community. Our pharmacy team cares about you and your health care needs.


Flu Shots and Vaccines

This year, get your flu shot and vaccinations at Aim Drug Mart. It’s your best defense against the flu. Simply visit our Pharmacy and have your flu shot administered by one of our certified Pharmacists. Please bring your provincial health card.

MedsCheck Program

Managing multiple medications is no easy task. Aim Drug Mart has a MedsCheck program that allows you to schedule a 20 to 30 minute one-to-one meeting with the pharmacist to ensure that you are safely and appropriately using all types of medication.

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Prescription Delivery

We want to make sure that you have access to your medications at the times where you can’t make it to the pharmacy and that is why we will deliver your medications to your front door.

Comprehensive Medication Consultations

If you have any questions regarding your health, your pharmacist is often the first and most accessible health care professional you can visit in your community. Not only are pharmacists medication experts, but they are also knowledgeable in the areas of disease prevention, nutrition, fitness, and general health and wellness. Our pharmacists will work with you to make sure that you and your loved ones are at ease and have a complete understanding of their medications.

Progressive Pharmacy

Diabetes Advice and Meter Training

For all our patients who have diabetes, we offer a Diabetes Meds check review where we will discuss your current medications as well as any potential obstacles and successes you may have had in your diabetes management. Our staff can also help you to choose the best glucometer to suit your needs. Help us help you. Let’s beat Diabetes together.